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Monitoring of a biological species. Identification of individuals by photos with GPS coordinates. Find a case description for yellow bellied toads in this presentation.

About BioMap

BioMap is a web app that was (and continues to be) developed for a yellow-bellied toad monitoring project. Through individual detection, length measurement, and location recording, population size, age structure, sex ratio, migration activity, local distribution, and reproductive activity can be determined.

The data is largely collected using photographs with location data. For this purpose, yellow-bellied toads are photographed on site in a Petri dish in such a way that their abdominal pattern is visible. The images are then rotated in the web app and normalized using the known diameter of the petri dish to measure their head-torso length in the image. Their identity is then determined.

Multiple independent projects can be managed in the web app. Each project has its own user management, project area, data area for uploaded images and all other data. All data and images are visible to everyone except for the exact location data; this is removed from the images during upload and stored in a database. Only users with access level 400 or higher will see the exact location data, for all others it will be alienated.

The app is open source. The source code is hosted on https://gitlab.com/f.x.haering/BioMap and has MIT license.


You can look around the website without registration. However, you will only see alienated location coordinates. If you want to see unaltered data and participate in the project, you are welcome to register.

Select a project, then you can register for it.


You can select a project you are interested in here. You can also create a new project.

You can create a new project here. Choose a name that clearly describes your project, preferably in the form "species-area", e.g. "gbu-oberhinkofen" for a project in which yellow-bellied toads are to be monitored in Oberhinkofen.

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